Journaling the startup

Recently I started working again on one of my favorite side projects that I’d like to get released soon. It’s something that we came up with at HYPE4 while trying to track and report time for our client projects efficiently.

We’ve tried a few different products, but none of them really suit our needs or our workflow. That’s when we decided to try designing and developing a custom solution. For us and any other company that works in the same manner.

We like simple apps that are not overwhelming with their complexity and tons of features. We know what we need: easy time tracking, meaningful reports, and a little bit of insight on ongoing projects to make planning easier. That’s the product that we need, and we will do our best to deliver just that.

Those blog posts are here to document my journey on developing Hypetask. I’m going to write about all the things that I’ll see meaningful and worth sharing from the perspective of a co-founding developer. See you soon

PS. There is a simple landing page for our project where you can sign up for any news regarding the Hypetask launch.