Curiosity Potion

I got comfortable

Most of the time, I work with Python (Django) and JavaScript (React and React Native). I built a few bigger and smaller apps with these, and they make a big part of my day to day job. I also did a lot of Swift programming for iOS, before that.

I switch between different technologies all the time, depending on the project I’m in. At this stage, I feel quite confident about using them. I’m far from being an expert in any, but I feel comfortable working with Django or React Native, knowing I can be productive right off the bat.

But sometimes, I miss those “junior” feelings of stepping into the unknown, learning something completely new, seeing things I’ve never seen before, figuring out how they work, and then applying them to my own programs.

My rescue potion, or rather… an Elixir

And recently I stumbled upon a language called Elixir, and from the start, it hit the right note for me. I quickly checked out some examples and didn’t really understand much. Great! Of course, I was able to figure out the general intent, but the details were completely out of my grasp. I’m not used to this type of code. It’s a totally different beast with its functional approach and Ruby inspired syntax that I’m not familiar with. Ladies and gentlemen, looks like we got a winner! I’m going to learn Elixir.

I think, it might even come useful, with its Phoenix web framework. But it’s not the main reason I’m doing that. I simply want to learn something new and exciting.

I’ll keep in mind to let you know about anything I find worth sharing while doing that.